Cally Wong

Cally Wong currently serves as the Executive Director for API Council of San Francisco.

July 2021

The San Francisco API Council, a coalition of 57 non-profit community-based organizations in San Francisco, has continued to provide support and services to our over 250,000 Asian and Pacific American (API) community members.

In the past year, we witnessed the impact the pandemic has had in changing the landscape of our API communities–a rise in API hate crimes, our culturally historic neighborhoods on the brink of erasure from vandalism and business closures, as well as the massive increase of demand for resources.

We couldn’t just stand by. Our coalition responded to our community by providing food distribution and delivery services. We gathered our collective resources of disseminate PPE to our communities, including over 52,000 total variants of masks, over 47,000 gloves, over 1,400 gallons of hand sanitizer, over 2,900 face shields, and 1,600 sanitizing wipes. API Council also partnered with APILO and Perkins Coie to assist small businesses with pro bono legal services. With the growing food insecurity among our residents, API Council members collectively distributed 176,053 meals, in addition to many other services during the challenging time.

API Council has responded to violence against our API community by ensuring that we provide advocacy, support, and victims services in order to center victims in the midst of this challenging time.

As a coalition of community-based organizations with decades of experience serving APIs, we have had the ability to advance the needs of this population in ways no other organization can. We remain passionate about advocating for equity on behalf of our API communities across San Francisco and will continue to bring awareness and provide resources to our most vulnerable communities.

 This is what we do, and this is what we’ll continue to do for as long as is necessary. We will stay vigilant in this fight, as we strongly believe San Francisco will retain its level of prominence if all residents have equal opportunities and are empowered to make choices that improve their quality of life.

We hope you’ll join us in this fight.