Proudly Uniting San Francisco's Asian & Pacific Islander Communities

The API Council is a 57-member coalition of nonprofit organizations in San Francisco that ensure that underserved Asian & Pacific Islanders’ needs are visibly engaged, addressed and represented in policies, research and data collection, and equitable funding allocations to advance overall healthy communities to enhance and shape San Francisco’s continued vibrant evolution.


There is a lack of disaggregated data related to education and APIs. Local reports however indicate that Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander high school rates are high.


APIs have higher incidences of liver cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis, smoking, and alcohol use. APIs also have higher rates of gambling, suicide, depression and PTSD.


Approximately 416,000 unauthorized immigrants in California are Asian. APIs rank as the second-highest undocumented population in San Francisco: 10,000 undocumented individuals are from China; 2,000 are from the Philippines.

Affordable Housing

Overcrowding is a persistent problem in San Francisco. Overcrowding is most severe in Chinatown (24.4%), and exceeds the citywide rates by nearly 5 times.


APIs comprise 42% of San Francisco residents living in poverty, and have the highest rates of increase in poverty rates than any other racial group.


Asian unemployment rates stood at 7.3%, while Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander rates stood at 14.2%, which are higher than San Francisco’s 5.4% unemployment rate.
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