Join The API Council

Given the tremendous growth and ongoing needs of the API population in San Francisco, it is important to unite to achieve our common goals. As a member of API Council, your organization can be a part of a powerful, broad-based citywide API coalition.

We ask that your organization join us in amplifying our voices, in order to tackle the common issues we face. Be a leader and join the San Francisco API Council!

General membership meetings are held every second Monday of the month at 3:00pm at various member locations throughout the City of San Francisco.

Becoming A Member Of The API Council

To become a member organization of the API Council, your non-profit organization must:

  • Predominantly serve San Francisco API constituencies
  • Be an incorporated non-profit that is either tax exempt or accountable to a fiscal agent organization
  • Designate the Executive Director or senior-level staff member to represent the organization at the Council
  • Support the mission of the API Council and actively participate by attending a majority of its meetings